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Listen to a sampling of my Locavore Way show, and learn how seek out and savor local farm-fresh foods near you. Each section highlights a local seasonal ingredient and is aired when it’s at its peak. (Or you can listen to them here, any time.) The aim is to create 52 spots, one for each week in the year, so that listeners are empowered to enjoy great local fare — with or without recipes — all year round.

Interested in underwriting this show? I will be putting together an package soon. The concept is to get the word out by giving away as many of these as possible, using underwriting to pay for the production. To learn more: Contact me.

Thanks supporting this initial launch —  Four Winds, The Berkshire Food Journal, The Turkey Bush Foundation, Steve Elling (original music), as well as North Country and Robin Hood public radio stations (production).


Recipe for Zucchini Fritters and Short Cut Ratatouille

Poached eggs
Recipe for Eggs on Vegetable Hash with Ancho Chili Ketchup




Listen here
More about ramps, including a recipe for ramp pesto



Spring Greens
More about mixed greens and recipes for salad dressings




Grilled Asparagus with Chive Oil




Fresh Picked Strawberries
Recipe for The Best Strawberry Shortcake



Spring Peas and Sugar Snaps



Recipe for Chive Pasta with Spring Things



How to cook any kind of greens!



Tips on shopping at farmers markets




tomatoes provencaleTomatoes
Recipe for Tomatoes Provencale




corn 3Chicken
Roasted Chinese Chicken