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It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato. — Lewis Grizzard

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New Radio Show!

Listen to my Locavore Way short radio shows below — all on how to seek out and savor local farm-fresh foods near you.  Each highlights a local seasonal ingredient, and is aired when it’s at its peak. The aim is to create 52 spots, one for each week in the year, so that listeners are empowered to enjoy great local fare — with or without recipes — all year round.

Thanks for your support! Four Winds, The Berkshire Food Journal, The Turkey Bush Foundation and Steve Elling (original music), as well as North Country and Robin Hood public radio stations (production), where you can also hear these shows.

Interested in underwriting this show?  I will be putting together an package in the fall. The concept is to get the word out by giving away as many of these as possible, using underwriting to pay for them. To learn more: Contact me.

More podcasts will agree as they are recorded…..

Summer Podcasts with Recipes (more coming!)

Link: Zucchini Fritters

Listen here

Spring Podcasts with Recipes

Spring poached eggs
Listen here





Ramp it up!
Listen here
Link:More about ramps, including a recipe for ramp pesto





Spring Greens
Listen here
Link:More about mixed greens and recipes for salad dressings





Listen Here
Link: Grilled Asparagus with Chive Oil





Fresh Picked Strawberries
Listen Here
Link:The Best Strawberry Shortcake





Spring Peas and Sugar Snaps
Listen Here





Link: Chive Pasta with Spring Things
Listen here about Chives





Listen here
How to cook any kind of greens!





A 2 minute tip on shopping at farmers markets
Listen Here





Seasonal fare on toasts
Listen here
Link: A Trio of Spring Bruschette