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Sustainability Mexican Style

aa luc and familyThe Monzies family in their homestead kitchen, cooking us a superior lunch that included braised eggplant and fennel from their market garden, fig chutney from their tree, and a salad dressing made with their honey. The conversation was equally good, mostly about how to live a sustainable lifestyle, integrating good humor with a healthy combo of practicality and vision.

The couple lives simply on their land— next door to Luc’s father — mainly supporting themselves through a small organic produce store and installing gardens. But, they have plans for all kinds of projects, from raising chickens to growing a moringa tree coop.  Luc’s yearlong teaching CSA, where members built the garden and greenhouse, has morphed into a sustainable agriculture meet up group. I visited them last week to talk about the local food movement in The States. The movement is in the early stages here in Mexico, an exciting time. Follow them here.

dd luc inner courtyardThis feels a bit like a monastery garden, Mexican style. Luc’s extended family live next door, including Luc’s dad, his wife, their two children and his wife’s dad, who gave me a fist full of fresh rosemary and lavender before we left.

ii luc and grasshopperLuc holding up a giant dead grasshopper, a pest, he says, “Right out of the bible, the way they sweep in and destroy everything.”

ee luc 2 year old kaleThis kale plant is two years old and still feeding the family — hard to imagine…

hh urban farming 2 artichokeYes, that’s an artichoke in a bottle.
The water bottles serve as mini greenhouses, holding in the sun’s warmth, and to Luc’s pleasure, a great deal of moisture too. Urban gardening in the country seems a contradiction, but it serves a purpose: Water bottles are cheap and plentiful here, and Luc hopes to develop an easily replicable model for family gardening in town.

dd luck and papaya 2Papaya in Luc’s greenhouse.

cc luc green house

The greenhouse he built.

bb luc's wallNow that’s a wall! Luc worked in construction in the US and is determined to build his home out of adobe, using no metal supports.

ff-luc winter viewWinter view from the compound.

Thank you Luc and Maya for having us!

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