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Whole Wheat Pasta with Local Bacon and Cheese

Barebones, but satisfying, my weekend guests called it seminal, so I’m posting it here. The recipe, created for ease, is a kind of abbreviated Pasta Carbonara, with hearty whole wheat pasta mingled with bacon, punctuated with hot chili pepper flakes. Serve with local greens, either cooked up or in a salad. Look for local bacon at farm stands, farmers markets or as part of a meat share. (eliminate extra space)
Serves 4 (or 3 hearty eaters)

1 pound whole fusilli or penne, or your favorite short pasta
2 tablespooon olive oil
3 garlic cloves, chopped
1/2 pound local bacon
3 oz local hard grating cheese
Hot chili pepper flakes, to taste

1-Heat oven to 400 degrees. Lay bacon on a rack on a cooking sheet and cook
until done, about 15 minutes (Or fry it up, whichever you prefer. I like the oven because there’s not much mess.) When it is cooked, toss into a food processor to chop finely. Remove to the bottom of a pasta bowl, preferably a warm one. Chop the cheese finely in the processor and add to the bowl too.

2-In a small pot, heat up the garlic cloves and oil just to warm but not brown. Remove from heat.

3-While the bacon is cooking, in a large pot, bring about 4 quarts of salted water to a rapid boil. Add pasta and cook until al dente, tasting as needed, about 8 minutes.

3-Toss the pasta with the bacon, cheese and garlic oil. Add hot chili pepper flakes to taste. (And salt if you need it.) Serve immediately in warm bowls.

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