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Walking the walk.

Sustainable meat meets art, meets way of life….

Jake Levin, head butcher at the Meat Market in Great Barrington, Ma, is part of this next wave of the Good Food Movement. His upcoming talk will focus on his efforts to create a holistic and sustainable life, one that erases the lines between being a butcher, an artist and active member of the community.

While on the surface these are different kinds of work, Jake feels the decisions he makes at the Meat Market, the studio, and in his personal life all are based on his desire to live sustainably and ecologically, as an active member of my community.

He is particularly excited by the inherent contradictions and paradoxes he faces as he tries to integrate these elements into his life.

The talk is at 5:00, on March 10 at Stockbridge Library, on 46 Main Street in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He’ll discuss his local food system work, Foodways, particularly his Messianic Pig project, which is exhibited at the Stockbridge Library.

 For a brisket recipe and lots about sustainably raised meat, visit this link.



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