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Missed food chatter....

recipes rice and collards 2A tease from last night’s supper. Recipe coming this fall.
For Easy Improvisation Eggplant see bottom of post.

Some fun posts that you may have missed on my Facebook page

From Urban Gardens — Foraging ‘r us
Years ago, I remember inviting my Chinese acupunturist and her family to our home. All of them, including grandma, fanned out onto our grounds, into our woods, digging up roots, picking wild goodies —foraging for our tasty wokked dinner. Oh, that smell….(link)

From CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture)
Once more our government’s one-size-fits-all approach to regulation leaves out small farmers who do good in our communities — stewarding their land and our environment, growing fabulous foods, enhancing the local economy, preserving our working landscape, preserving our rural heritage….(link)

Photos the work
A week’s worth of ingredients photo? I’ve seen a whole book of these, but still find these fascinating. What if we all took pictures of what we consumed over the last week? (link)  Here’s another: International grandma food, some using exotic local ingredients. (link)

Green Bus Tops?
arden bus tops hit the road in Spain. These look is fabulous, but I’d love to exactly how green they are. Anyone know? (link)

Whole Hog Workshop
Butcher Extraordinaire Jake Levin shows you what you need to know on August 24th. (Link)

Vegan Clinton
You don’t have to be Bill Clinton or a vegan to know veggies are orgasmic, but it’s amusing to see old Bill at it again… (link)

Hampshire College Does the Right Thing
I remember parents visiting day at Barnard, where my daughter, Emma, went to school. Being a farm to school gal, who was also curious about what my daughter ate, I checked out the cafeteria. The staff couldn’t believe we were parents and still ate there. Yikes. Well, things are a changing all over, as food service companies like Bon Appetite and other food service companies bring healthier food to the next generation. (link) For more farm to college information, check here.

Easy Improvisation Eggplant
This used the balance of my farmers market shop plus a few staples. Just saute about 6 sliced Asian eggplants over a very hot flame in a little oil and a couple of flattened garlic cloves, turning once until done, about 12 or so minutes. (Taste if you’re unsure. Better over than under cooked. Seared is good too.) Remove the garlic, if you don’t like it (I do), and lightly salt to taste.  Mix several very generous heaping tablespoons of hoison sauce with Siracha, a Southeast Asian chili sauce, to taste. Stir into eggplant. Look around for something fresh and bright. (I found cherry tomatoes and cooked corn.) Add and toss again with a nice drizzle of sesame oil.  Optional, or if I’d had them: Scallions, cilantro and ginger.



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