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Tasty Snow Cones?

snow cone flavores 8:7:13

It’s true. Snow cones have always kinda freaked me out. I seem to remember blue tongues. Guess that makes me an elitist-arugula-eating-uptight something. But so be it.

Enter Town Farm at the Northampton Tuesday farmers market, complete with crushed ice that’s drizzled with farm fresh flavors nestled in a paper cone.

I look forward to mine next week.

snow cone ice 8:7:13

 The youngest Buttenwieser shows off her maple snow cone below.

snow cone heaven with kid 8:7:13

1 comment to Tasty Snow Cones?

  • Liz Handel

    Hey Amy! I’m so glad you got in touch with Sarah B! She is awesome and has so much knowledge of the area and the local eatery! 🙂 I enjoy your website and your emails! I’m excited you are in this beautiful city!