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Tasty odds and ends from my facebook page…….

Photo: Fresh Fall Coleslaw
From my Red Fire Farm share. Grated together brightly flavored fresh carrots and turnips. (The red-clothed turnip really seemed like a sweet radishes or kolrobi, so I have to check.)  Tossed in white wine vinegar, sugar, salt and fresh chopped mint. A fall coleslaw.

Enjoying the glorious day with Sabine Merz at Red Fire Farm

Winter CSAs anyone?
I’m going to pick up my first of a short 2-month winter share from Red Fire Farm and visit the coolest bookstore in the planet. My certified organic share today? Skinny leeks, field lettuce (mild and bitter mix), emerald green spinach leaves, kale, collards,
carrots, broccoli,radicchio, turnips, red radish, delicata squash, Red Maria potatoes and a bonus item of imperfect brussels sprouts on their stalk.

First Easy to assemble dish?
Grate together brightly flavored fresh carrots and turnips. Toss in white wine vinegar, sugar, salt and fresh chopped mint. A fall coleslaw. Lovely topping for a toss of field greens with a light lemon-garlic dressing.

new house ardsley friends of parentsMusings….
When I was a kid, my parents often entertained in their shockingly modern Japanese-style suburban home. My mom experimented with international foods, like Pork Satay, Indonesian Rijsttafel and Grilled Teriyaki Salmon, all exotic at the time and a result of both my father’s war years in Japan and his work as a travel writer. In contrast, my mom’s recipes also came from the hugely popular “I Hate to Cook Book.” And there were period staples like curried shrimp with cream of mushroom soup. Imagine me in the kitchen tasting my mom’s wonderful food out of pots on the stove, nibbling on leftovers and forbidden drinks, taking it all in.


In a flash, self-taught, innovative perfectionist Charlie Trotter is dead…

We’re just pigs to the Slaughter
China just bought our pork production. I see the future here…

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