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Rescue Thanksgiving Recipes

My mom, daughter and me.

A three generation Thanksgiving 7 years ago

Everyone asked for these early….I’ll post ’em again…. Enjoy friends, family and the best of the harvest. (Recipe links in grey)

Turkey Rescue Roasted Turkey with Gravy About Local and Sustainably Raised Turkeys

Cranberries Double Cranberry-Orange Sauce

Root […]

Thanksgiving Turkey The Locavore Way

Now that you’re starting to think about shopping for bird-day, what are you gonna buy? This passage from my last book, The Locavore Way, might clarify.

Try a real turkey this holiday, or anytime at all. Farm fresh turkeys are a different bird entirely from the standard factory farmed frozen turkeys, which are […]

Sweet Pumpkin Soup with Apples and Honey (and a touch of Terra Madre)

No, the picture below isn’t a pumpkin dessert. It’s Vandana Shiva, eco-feminist, author of the remarkable Stolen Harvest, champion of the small farmer and opponent of corporate owned seeds. I snapped this before she spoke magnificently at Slow Food’s Terra Madre, where I was a US delegate in Torino, Italy last week. More about […]

Tangy Double Cranberry-Orange Sauce

You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy regional cranberries, but they sure are swell with turkey, especially in those day-after sandwiches. Here, I paired dried and fresh cranberrries for a varied texture and extra oomph. If you prefer an alternative to the neutral sweetener of sugar, try adding local maple syrup or […]

Butternut Pie with Gingersnap Crust

Pumpkin pie has become a generic holiday dessert, a blah crust that offers nothing to its slightly gelatinous canned filling. So here’s an alternative, a family favorite that’s a welcome twist on the classic. Fresh roasted butternut squash is spun into a pudding-like filling with local cream and eggs, then housed is a […]