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A lively lecturer, Ms. Cotler has spoken on a wide variety of culinary themes, often, but not always about the farm to table connection —The Locavore Way — before intimate groups and large audiences at a wide variety of venues.

Empowering talks range from general to specific culinary topics, always targeted to meet the group’s needs. They may focus on personal, family or social issues, often all, placing food within its context. Lectures cover cooking, health, as well as environmental and farm-to-table advocacy. They are always designed to reach out and engage the audience and are followed by a question and answer period.

Talks have covered many aspects of seeking out and savoring local farm fresh foods, including the whys and hows to become a locavore, seasonal food preparation, local food advocacy, the local food movement 101, as well as general culinary topics, such as how to cook without recipes and more.

Ms. Cotler also conducts culinary lecture demonstrations. These combine speaking engagements with a culinary demonstration to illustrate the point of the talk. They can be held on a stage or less formally, workshop-style or in a classroom setting.

Sampling of speaking engagement locations
Cornell Sustainability Program, The Baum Forum on Food and Agriculture (3 years), Slow Food Boston and Western Massachusetts, Radcliff Culinary Historians, Just Food, School Nutrition Association of Massachusetts, International Association of Culinary Professionals, National Restaurant Association, Williams College environmental program, Berkshire Botanical Gardens, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Teachers Training Program, The Culinary Institute of America, Institute of Culinary Education, New York Women’s Culinary Alliance, New York University and more. Numerous small venues, such as libraries and town halls.

The passion and depth of knowledge she shares in her books and with her audiences is genuine and inspiring.
Alex Loud, Slow Food Boston

Amy lit up the room and inspired everyone to want to eat real food and become ambassadors for the local food movement. Her presentation was educational, witty, funny and very practical! She had a keen sense of connecting with everyone in the room. The participants wished there was more time for her to speak!
Tracey Miller, Co-Founder Food and Health, Exeter, NH