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Red-Wine Poached Pears

Simple, elegant poached pears won’t add to the tire that may be growing around your waste. A sprig of mint instead of chocolate will give add make

Wine Poached Pears

These colorful pears may be stored in their liquid for several weeks, for a festive no-fat dessert.

Serves 4

4 pears, preferably bosc, cored and left whole

l cup red wine

2 cups water

3/4 cup sugar

l cinnamon stick

3 cloves

l pinch allspice

chocolate stems, if available

Sprig Mint


l. Add all the ingredients to a small pot. Make sure the pears are covered, if not, add water to cover. Remove the pears. Bring to a simmer for 5 minutes, to marry the flavors.


2. Add the pears, covering with a parchment paper and small pot lid if necessary to keep the pears immersed. Simmer until the pears may be easily pierced with a fork–l0-40 minutes depending on their ripeness. Remove the pears and chill. Continue to simmer, until liquid is reduced by l/2. Chill with the pears.


3. To serve: Stand the chilled pears on a plate, with a mint sprigs,  with a little reduced wine syrup. Chocolate shavings optional.

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