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October Bites


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Don’t forget to chop up some local hot peppers to freeze in a bag for seasoning everything in the winter.
(But remember to use gloves or wash your hand VERY thoroughly!)

Improvisation of the day
Fish cakes with Roasted Red Pepper and Tomatillo Salsa. Take left over flaky white fish — I often make too much —then pulse with onion an a good handful of fresh herbs from the garden, as well as half a hot pepper. Salt to taste. Stir in crunchy bread crumbs and egg. Salt Form into patties and coat with more bread crumbs. Saute in very hot olive oil over medium-high until crispy brown on both sides. Serve with roasted red pepper from the garden and a touch of tomatillo salsa from the freezer from my ice cube batch I froze earlier this season harvest. Place on a great bun.

Time for roasted peppers…now for later
Last of the season’s sweet peppers. I love saving ’em for later to use on sandwiches or in an antipasto with anchovies. Grill whole under broiler, on outdoor grill or directly over gas flame, turning until charred. (Or if you have a ton of them and no time, you can stuff ’em into a brown bag and roast ’em at 375 or so in the oven until shriveled. Cover (or leave in the bag) until cool. Split and remove stem and seeds, pulling off most of skin or scraping it off with the flat side of a large knife. Use or freeze, separated with wax paper for later use. (Sometimes I just freeze them whole and do the work in the winter.) Great staple!

The best of life in a sandwich
Salt and fat, sweet and winey. Sausages mingle with cook plums in this heavenly sandwich…. and we all know that cooking transforms even the most mundane plums into ambrosia. Recipe here.  Excellent and easy plum cobbler here.

Now that it’s happy apple season
Why not take a look at commericial apple’s awful past. The history of the misnamed Delicious apple here.

Last of the season
Naomi’s Parsley Pesto with Fresh Savory: Make a pesto with parsley instead of basil. (Pesto is basil, olive oil, pine nuts or walnuts, garlic & a hard cheese in the Parmesan family). Instead of basil, add 3/4 parsley & 1/4 summer savory. You can also substitute a spring of rosemary leaves for the savory or try cilantro pesto with 50/50 parsley and cilantro. (Use on the pizza above too!)

Keep up to date on new labeling laws for California’s olive oil here.


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