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Join me at the West Stockbridge Farmers Market Apple Pie Contest

What a great job!
I’ve been asked to judge your tasty pies in my hometown.
So, please bring your best pie, made with fresh local apples.
Stay and taste ’em.

September 20th, 2012
West Stockbridge, MA Farmers Market
Merritt Green on Harris Street
Opposite the Post Office

Farmers Market Contest Rules

*Pies and fillings must be made from scratch
*We strongly encourage the use of local apples.
*No other fruits may be mixed in.
*No pies requiring refrigeration should be submitted.
*Recipe with you name and contact information should be submitted.
*This is a blind tasting, so the judge won’t see your name.
*We’ll make every effort to return empty pans, so please mark them.
*Drop off by the beginning of the market at 3:00-3:30 pm only.
*If you can’t drop them by 3:00, call 917-209-0926 and arrange for drop off.
*Judging will start at 5:00 pm.

The contest

Awards to follow when the results are in. Amy Cotler’s book, The Locavore Way, will be a prize!

Pies are judged by:

     Appearance, 15 pts
Crust, 20 pts
Filling, 25 pts
Over all pie, 30 pts
Creativity, 10 pts


Hand Hollow Farm at the West Stockbridge Farmers Market

Larrywaug Brook Farm’s display at the West Stockbridge Farmers Market

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