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Heavenly Brussels Sprouts


Red Fire Farm Brussels Sprouts without a recipe.

My sisters call them parakeet heads, but we love ’em,  — roasted with whole shallots, steamed and tossed fresh lemon juice and  tamari, any which way. Or try them Momofuko-style with a fish sauce vinaigrette in this adapted recipe from food52, an excellent recipe site.

My favorite this week? I started with imperfect organic sprouts with a great flavor from Red Fire Farm’s CSA share. Cooked up some bacon. Quartered the sprouts and threw into boiling water for about 30 seconds. Drained, shaking colander well. Seared in a nice amount of olive oil in a HOT pan with lots of space between the sprouts, shaking occasionally, until very well browned. Added some finely diced shallots at the last minute. Tossed and immediately removed from the pan. Added coarse salt and pepper to taste. Tossed with the bacon. Heavenly.

Vegetarian? Forget the bacon. Finish with a squeeze of lemon and/or a sprinkling of feta.

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