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Fun Food Clips from my Facebook Page

eco villa me and pond

Greetings from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where I’m savoring a smorgasbord of local foods, including freshly picked greens, which I miss so much during our New England winters. This picture looks like a river in the Northeast, but it’s near just outside of town here, where I visited an Eco Villa. (More about that later.)


For those of you who aren’t on  my Locavore Way facebook page, where I post more frequently, I’ve selected some links from last month’s posts. (And I admire you for staying out of the Fray:) All links in orange…..

Winter Bouquet

How to make a bouquet using local winter plants and trees.

Pigs ‘r Us

Sustainable farm guru Joel Salatin raises pigs in the forest, where sure beats those giant factory farms we’ve been hearing about. A primer on how to do it here!  On the other side, a debate over hog farms vs scenery here. Although I don’t eat red meat all that much, pork is by far my favorite. In truth, I eat both sustainably raised and commodity pork, because all cuts aren’t available in the former, and I can’t always afford the former. (I know, I know.) But I always feel a bit odd when I savor the latter. Who knows what I”m eating? Do you eat pork?

Talk on Biochar

While we don’t usually discuss the science of farming on this blog, But, I met Lerner at a new year’s day party here in San Miguel, Mexico, and was intrigued by his Ted Talk on Biochar. Here it is. And this webpage on the topic helps clarify: Link here.

Fermented Cranberry Sauce?

This looks like something worthwhile to try when I get home, using regional cranberries. Let me know if you cook it up. The recipe’s here.    

Homemade Sriracha anyone?

Are you as addicted as the rest of the US? Now that I’m in chili land AKA Mexico for a month, it’s time for fool around. And in the summer, I’m gonna try this up north. Here’s a recipe.


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