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Nudeling around....






Tastes good.

Read my Berkshire Magazine piece on Bjorn Solmo and his restaurant, Nudel, in Lenox, MA here.



Best Kale Salad

(Don’t let the picture fool you; this is a gorgeous holiday dish.  I didn’t have time to snap a picture before the kale was gobbled up, but it’s  bright green, topped with hot pink seeds and light pink pickled red onions.)

Holiday Kale Salad with Lemon-Anchovy Dressing, Pickled Onions and Pomegranate Seeds* […]

October Bites









Don’t forget to chop up some local hot peppers to freeze in a bag for seasoning everything in the winter. (But remember to use gloves or wash your hand VERY thoroughly!)

Improvisation of the day Fish cakes with Roasted Red Pepper and Tomatillo Salsa. […]

Apple season ideas + apples with oysters?

Recipe link: Oysters with Apple Mignonnette

Now’s the season to bite into a just picked apple, so tangy it cleans your teeth. When you can, buy directly from the farm. Right now, farmers markets are stocked with crates brimming with green and red apples.  The Vendors are orchardists who are […]

Berkshire Botanical Garden's Harvest Festival 2014

Please join me Oct 11-12 for dynamic community event like no other…

I’m producing this wild and wonderful festival!

Learn more

This 80 year old festival is like no other, so please join us.

I added a farmers market, tasty local food trucks, local artisan foods section and […]

September Bites

A few tasties for the last weekend in September, some from my facebook page, where I post frequently. Link here.

Mixed drops ready for sauce

Apple season Warm apple sauce link here. (My first blog post). Connie’s Apple Cake for the perfect brunch: Link here.

Make Apple Butter […]

Baked Peaches or Pears with Ginger Snaps and Chocolate

Local peaches or pears are in. Eat them out of hand until you can’t stand it, as the season is short. Today I stuffed them with ginger cookies, almonds and chocolate. They barely made it to the fridge, but they’re good warm or cold.

1 ounce ginger snap cookies (5 small, 4 large) […]

Cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup with International Variations

 Kirby Cucumbers

Local yogurt and cucumber anyone?  Here are some international variations on this refreshing soup.

A few tips Because they’re easiest to find, I’ve designed this recipe for standard cucumbers, but I prefer the taste of kirby (pickling) or Armenian cucumbers. Better yet? You don’t have to seed them, unless […]

Chilled August Vegetable Soup with Peaches

This cool of mix of farmers’ market vegetables and sweet peaches is spiked with the gentle heat poblano chilies.

Why is it that the fresh taste of the season paired with certain places — in this case my new home in a tree-lined neighborhood in Northampton— enhances my eating pleasure? Perhaps it renders the […]

Almost end o the summer lunch?

Truth is, I like my “hard” boiled eggs undercooked, especially when they’re made with rich goose eggs. The grated veggies are golden beets, which I steamed for 1 minute, then tossed in salt, vinegar and a touch of garlic. The corn was scraped right off its ever-loving cob right into the greens, which […]