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Rescue Roasted Turkey with Gravy

This is a fabulous recipe for a quicker cooking turkey that frees up your oven for other goodies. The challenge with any whole roasted turkey is keeping the breast moist while the thigh finishes cooking. The easiest way to do so is to cook a big bird. And why not? The leftovers are even […]

Winter Root Soup

I assembled this soup with the winter roots on hand, while snow dressed the trees outside my kitchen window — a warm hug in a white world.

Serves 8

1 or 2 potatoes, preferably waxy (1-1/2 cups diced) 1 celery root, about 1 pound (1-1/2 cups diced) 2 parsnips (1 cup diced) 5 […]

Foraged Food — Chanterelle Vodka and Wild Watercress

Chanterelle Vodka Taste the woods in an earthy shot of vodka. Pick or buy a scant handful chanterelles from your local forager, or as I did at the farmers market from a vendor, in this case Leslie Taft at Blue Moon Shrooms, who suggested I try this. Add to a small glass jar with […]