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Simple Beet Borscht

Made with light-colored heirloom beets. For a super bright color, use classic red-purple beets.

If you’re a beet lover, Eureka! Here’s a simple summer soup that’s beety, refreshing and pretty. If you’re not — and I’ve seen grown men cry over beets —this recipe is one of the easiest ways to introduce […]

Tuscan Tomato and Bread Soup

My husband may be the love of my life, but soup is my culinary ballast, reliably providing a warm hug, asking little in return, only a bowl to hold it and a spoon to consume it. And this soup is summer’s embrace. Tuscany-in-a-bowl, serve Poppa al Pomadoro when tomatoes are at their […]

Summer Rolls with Scallops, Corn and Garden Herbs

Summer rolls. I added some of the vegetables to the dip too.

These appetizers and have a fresh, bright flavor. I used local carrots, herbs and regional scallops. You can find the rice paper wrappers and dried maifun noodles in most gourmet or Asian markets, as well as some supermarkets and health […]

Spring Toss

Toss the first of spring watercress with the fall of the apples.

I lived in my 1810 house for 20  years before I had the sense to look down at the spring behind it and recognize fresh watercress. There it was, looking just like the store-bought stuff, but younger and fresher.

If […]

Trio of Spring Bruschette

Now that goodies are popping out of the ground in rapid succession, it’s time to lather toasted baguettes with everything local. So disobey your mom and play with your food. Fool with anything farm fresh, from goat cheese and sun-ripened berries in June to roasted butternut squash puree with fresh sage in October.


Fresh Chive Noodles with Early Spring Things

Fresh Chive Noodles with Arugula & Fiddlehead Ferns (More variations below)

On Sunday, my 8-year old niece, Sadie, and I popped over to my neighbor Ruth’s place to visit her parrot and chickens  and pick up a dozen fresh eggs. Black and white with deep red beaks, Ruth’s hens pecked […]

Ramp it up!

Ramp Pesto

I bumped into two fellow foragers gathering ramps two miles from my house. Even from my car, I could see the woods were lousy with ramps as well as the red flowers topping endangered trillium. I scissored a large bowlful of ramp leaves, leaving their roots to regenerate next year’s crop, […]

Oysters on the Half Shell with Apple Mignonnette

Long live live food!

Pair oysters, long considered an aphrodisiac, with a dessert of chocolate for a romantic feast. Or, for a playful party, invite over a few fellow oyster lovers — only the most passionate. Shuck, giggle and slurp oysters from their shells. (And in the winter nestle them in a bowl […]

Connie's Apple Coffee Cake


(Going, going, almost gone. One classic coffee cake, nutty and moist with apples.)

Last of apples!

Connie, my pal Eileen’s mom, may be gone, but her recipe is not. What better way to conjure her to join our intimate celebration than to bake her […]

Italian Spring Celebration Class

(This is a stuffed peach. We’re going to do the same thing with pears. Fabulous.)

Let’s celebrate the thaw of spring with this menu inspired by the flavors of Italy. Join me in a hands-on workshop using Italy’s signature flavors in dishes that will quickly become family favorites as the new season […]