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Red-Wine Poached Pears

Simple, elegant poached pears won’t add to the tire that may be growing around your waste. A sprig of mint instead of chocolate will give add make

Wine Poached Pears

These colorful pears may be stored in their liquid for several weeks, for a festive no-fat dessert.

Serves 4

4 pears, preferably […]

Tortilla Blintzes with Summer Fruit

Using tortillas, rather than the traditional crepe wrapper, results in a crisp crust that’s lighter. It also cuts down considerably on the preparation time, making these a snap to prepare.

The unctuous filling is elevated by best fruit of the season. (Now’s the time for peaches and blueberries.) This flexible […]

Italian Spring Celebration Class

(This is a stuffed peach. We’re going to do the same thing with pears. Fabulous.)

Let’s celebrate the thaw of spring with this menu inspired by the flavors of Italy. Join me in a hands-on workshop using Italy’s signature flavors in dishes that will quickly become family favorites as the new season […]

Perfect Potato Latkes

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy these honeys, which use local apples, parsnips, onions, sour cream and potatoes, if you can find them. (I had trouble, but don’t get me started.)

The parsnip adds a touch of earthy sweetness to the traditional flavor, and underestimated fresh apple sauce is always heaven sent. […]

U-Pick Best Fruit Kuchen

What’s- Left-Of-My-Market-Shop-Kuchen I used apples, peaches and a few cherry tomatoes tossed in sugar.

Little input, great results. This quick ‘n easy crowd pleaser is ideal for those who hate to bake or are pressed for time. Serve it to holiday guests or at pot luck meals. I especially like […]

Summer Pudding with the Best of the Berries

It’s nine million degrees inside and out, and I’m awash in berries from my neighbor, Jim, who set us loose on his raspberry patch. Then there’s the black cup raspberry bush next to our bulkhead that’s laden with more berries, which I can’t leave to the birds.

So oodles of berries […]

The Best Strawberry Shortcake

After my our annual strawberry picking at Ioka Valley Farm, our favorite feast is strawberry shortcake — warm, dense biscuits topped with juicy ripe berries and fresh whipped local cream from High Lawn Farm.  I sometimes plan ahead, making biscuits before we pick, then storing them, uncooked, in the freezer on […]

Cooking Greens — How to cook ’em all!

Mixed braising greens from Markcristo Farm in Hillsdale, NY.

Wok-braised greens using the alternative light braise in step # 2. (I added  freshly grated ginger and stock.)

Wokked or Braised Greens from The Locavore Way

CSA farmers frequently tell me that the […]

Strawberries and a Talk about Salads

Three websites, each with a tasty…

A short talk on about Salads The first is Caroline Alexander’s Berkshire Food Journal, which I’ve featured before for its superb audio segments and accompanying slides about regional farmers. Today, I’m steering you to a short talk I did on salads, which I hope you’ll find useful now […]

Spiced Butternut Cranberry Squares

Moist, sweet and laced with tart cranberries, these staved off my winter blues by perfuming the house with their spices. They’re a relative of pumpkin bread, but with the locavore edge — local butternut, eggs, butter, apple and regional cranberries — all widely available during the cold months. (I even threw in some […]