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A dream come true for mushroom freaks...

Interested in a local food that is yours for the picking?
Here is an opportunity identify and  harvest mushrooms SAFELY while spending a vacation week on an island off the coast of Portsmouth, NH.
Standing above a chicken-of-the-woods, Laetiporus sulphure

Star Island is the location of a National History Conference to be held  on June 22-29, 2013.  The theme is “The Mysterious & Misunderstood World of Mushrooms”. Dr. Rick Van de Poll will be giving lectures throughout the week, giving the do’s and don’t’s of  picking and using mushrooms, including their many culinary uses.

Dr, Van de Poll is a state-certified wetland scientist who is a founding member of the NH Association of Wetland Scientists.  He has recorded over 1300 mushrooms in New Hampshire, including a number of previously undescribed species. He taught Mycology at Antioch New England , Plymouth State University and is presently an adjunct faculty member for the Graduate School at Plymouth State University. He co-founded the Monadnock Mushroom Club in 1988 and founded the Sandwich (NH) Mushroom Club in 2001.

For more contact: Charles Wilson at or  518.648.0324


Suillus spraguei, painted suillus in hand

Gem-studded puffball, Lycoperdon perlatum

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Other local food news:

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